The fattest female in the world managed to lose weight

This is how she looks like now  Jessica Leonard from Chicago holds the weight record. At the age of 7 her weight reached 222 kg. She could not transfere on her own and requires the assist of her mother, who brought her girl to the state.

The classical English version, when an excessively appreciative mom cannot argue the whims and indulges whatever wants of her daughter. As a result, the female merely fed the child junk food. During the day, Jessica ate foods with a expenditure of 10 thousand calories a substitute of 1800 (the norm for children of her age).Furthermore the primary diet consisted of junk food: pizza, hamburgers, soda, French potatoes and other high-calorie food.

The mom of the record-breaker in weight moreover suffered from obesity, though not on the type of scale. The descendant overcame the 100-kilogram at the age of 4. So the parents began to cognizance the 1st wellness difficulties of their daughter.However all the more this consideration of the girl did not make the mom to develop into stricter in damages of nutrition.Due to the assist of Common Americans and medics the female got free of 140 kilograms. It took her a yr and a half of burdensome work, diets and ivs.

At the moment the descendant who had the culpture of the fattest descendant in the world weighs 80 kg.Surely, this is above the norm, nevertheless yet the threat to the child’s life has already passed. This is not the end of Jessica’s struggle. She yet has to continue diets, exercise. Also, the female will have to experience many functions that will helping hand make restitution the motor skilfulness of the connections of the legs and leave excess skin.

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